Thyroid problems affect 24 million americans. Many take thyroid medicine and still feel no better. They suffer from difficulty losing weight, hair loss, fatigue, constipation, dry hair and skin. Over 90% of these people suffer from Hashimotos disease and DON'T KNOW IT. They have never had their antibodies tested. In this condition it is your immune system that is off balance and it is attacking your thyroid tissue causing the problem. Treating this with hormones alone is like driving down the street with the gas and brake on at the same time!This condition responds very well to individualized nutritional and metabolic treatment. Thyroid function is directly related to liver function where60% of the active thyroid hormone is converted as well as gastrointesintal function where 20% is made.Food allergies can be a very big component of the problem here. You will never know if you don't get the proper tests and medicine is still using the model of thyroid disease from the 1960's.

If you still have thyroid symptoms call the office and schedule a nutritional consultation. Bring your previous labs and ask Dannie to give you our initial metabolic questionnaires before you come in to see us.